Broken Cody

Broken Cody Jones is a version of Cody Jones from an alternate timeline. He is the so called "savior" of New New York, but actually a feared young man.


Cody believed that he and Donatello had finally found a way to send the turtles and Splinter home to their time. However a serious accident with his Time Window machine seemingly caused the turtles and Splinter to die in an explosion. He became so distraught with grief that his good nature melted away. Cody became so convinced that what happened to his friends was his fault, that he decided to rectify it in any means he could. Cody soon began toiling away in his laboratory in his company coming up with new technologies to "save" his city.

Cody created a new police force on his own comprised of an army of clones of the four turtles he once saw as a family. They were cybernetically enhanced to make them stronger, faster, but also completely obedient. His service robot and friend Serling saw the changes in his master and tried to get him to stop. Cody refused to do so and so he deactivated Serling and decided to replace him with someone else. There was one person or machine on his mind. It was Viral: who is the loyal servant to Sh'Okanabo, but Cody used his new forces to destroy Sh'Okanabo. Cody captured Viral and reprogrammed her to serve him and him alone. She even became his second in command and the commander of his new turtle clone foot soldiers.

Cody worked harder and harder to build up a sufficient army and resources to begin his "saving" of New New York. Although Cody soon realized that he would need a symbol. A symbol that would inspire fear, obedience, and respect. Cody chose to don the symbol of the Foot Clan and soon began sending out his vast armies all over the city. The Peace Keepers soon fell and then New New York became separated by the rest of society by an impenetrable force field. The residents of the city became trapped and any who tried to escape would normally disappear without a trace. Cody is no longer the good natured young boy he use to be, because now he is the supreme leader of New New York and actually is beginning to possibly spread his grip over the rest of the planet.


  • Cody is not evil per say, but he is no longer an innocent person or well-natured kid anymore.
  • New New York was turned into its own sovereign nation and has been cut off with the rest of the world.
  • Many of the turtles' enemies from 2105 were captured and executed.